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Floodtite Systems | Home Flood Protection.

Having your home flooded is an appalling experience, but the distress and disruption can be limited if you are prepared with anti flood equipment.

One of the priorities for such preparation, as recommended by the Environment Agency and the National Flood Forum, is to have flood protection products such as Airbrick Covers and Flood Barriers available if they are appropriate to your property.

This is where Floodtite can help protect your home against flooding. As specialists in the field of residential flood protection we have designed and developed Kitemarked flood barriers which will help safeguard your home in the event of sudden localised flash flooding or a river breaking its banks during a sustained storm.

But of course these flood protection products can only be effective if you have acquired them BEFORE the flood.

Our products are available all over the UK through a number of retail outlets and from some very well known DIY stores. 

Click here to view our colour leaflet which gives further information on our Airbrick Covers, Door Panels and the Toilet Panseal.


Airbrick Cover AirBrick Cover
The Floodtite Airbrick Cover is specially designed to stop the ingress of water through the often forgotten vents which supply ventilation to the area under the floor boards.
Door Panel Door Panel
The Floodtite Door Panel is a plastic panel which screws, by hand and without tools, onto a pre-fitted fixing frame within minutes of a flood alert.
Toilet ‘Panseal’ Toilet Panseal
The Floodtite Toilet ‘Panseal’ is an essential device for a downstairs toilet which securely creates a seal around the toilet pan rim to prevent the back-flow of flood and foul waste water.