Are you in a Flood Risk area? Don't ignore it!

Around 5 million people in England and Wales live in a flood risk area. Flooding can seriously damage your home. The 2007 floods affected some 57,000 properties. Some of these owners couldn’t move back into their home for a year.

Source: Environment Agency

Why prepare your property for flood protection?

“The reality of having your home flooded is difficult to understand unless you have been through the experience – you can face months away from home while it is restored. A flood can also mean the prospect of throwing away the downstairs contents of your home and an immense amount of disruption to normal family life. The emotional impact can be equally devastating. Coping with the unfamiliar tasks of sorting out the restoration of your home whilst living in temporary accommodation, plus worrying about the possible impact on house prices and the risk of future flooding all add to the stress of the situation. Having your home flooded is an appalling experience, but the distress and disruption can be limited if you are prepared. Having a plan can help – knowing who is going to do what and where to turn for help can really calm the crisis.”

Source: National Flood Forum

Protect your home insurance from flood related claims

In areas where the likelihood of flooding is significant, where no improvements in permanent defences are planned or feasible and the annual chance of flooding is more than 1.3% (1 in 75), insurers will not guarantee to provide cover in all cases. Full cover may be possible, or premiums lowered, if flood protection products are installed. This may include, for example, temporary barriers which are deployed prior to flooding, or measures that homeowners can take to reduce damage like removable household flood products which homeowners can buy and fit themselves to protect their property or construction materials which reduce damage if the house is flooded.

Source: Association of British Insurers –

Flood protection products and preparing your home for flooding

If you live in an area that is at risk of flooding, there are things that you can do to help prevent flood water entering your property and reduce the damage that flood water can do to your home. There are a range of flood protection products that can be fitted to your home to help prevent flood water entering your property. There are also changes you can make to the inside of your property to help reduce the damage it causes if it gets in. Source: Environment Agency

FLOODTITE SYSTEMS have created tested solutions to help protect your home from flood damage. The Door Panel and Airbrick Cover have been awarded the Kitemark Certification PAS 1188-1:2009 Licence Number KM 562762. (There is no Kitemark specification for the Toilet Panseal.)