Ensure you select the correct width of Door Panel…

As the Floodtite Door Panel is designed to be fitted to the door frame, the correct width of Panel should be determined by measuring the span between the brickwork of each doorway to be protected (as illustrated).

Floodtite Door Panels are most suitable for inward opening doors. All panels will fit smaller doorways and outward opening doors by having the fixing frame fitted directly onto the wall. If you are unsure about sizes, please contact our technical helpline on 07712 185240 or email tech@floodtitesystems.com and where possible include photographs.


The door panels were tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Council, a part of the BRE (Building Research Establishment) in June 1999. The Loss Prevention Council concluded that “the device should be able to bring real protection against a …. flood.” Full test report available on request.

The door panels were again tested in 2008 by the Development Engineering department of Wavin UK (www.wavin.co.uk) who concluded that “it was easy to fit and worked really well.”

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