Toilet ‘Panseal’ by Floodtite. Prevents sewage back-flow through the toilet system.

The FLOODTITE Toilet ‘Panseal’ is an essential anti-flooding device for a downstairs toilet which securely creates a seal around the toilet pan rim to prevent the back-flow of flood and foul waste water. It is fitted in seconds and requires nothing more than a few squeezes from a  normal bicycle pump. (included in the pack)

Position the 'Panseal' directly below the pan rim. Pump in air using a bicycle  pump and the expansion takes place creating the required seal.

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Designed by our own engineers it is unique to Floodtite Systems Ltd.

Remember to fit non-return valves to all drains and/ or  to sealed downpipes in affected locations. This is especially important for washing machines, dishwashers and downstairs basins and shower trays.

We can supply 1 ½ inch non-return valves for only £18 each delivered to your door.

Toilet ‘Panseal’ £34.98

Non-Return Valve £18

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